"Who designed your salon?"

People often ask me, who helped me design my new salon. First off, I get a lot of my inspiration from top salons around the country, especially New York City. I've gone to New York simply to check out salons on 5th Ave, such as Eva Scrivo Salon, to see what works and what looks good. I've been blessed to have grown relationships and friendships with salon owners and gotten many words of wisdom and advice from those who have had success before me. 

Pinterest! Who doesn't use Pinterest? I often compare designing a salon to planning a wedding. Lots of idea boards, saved photos, and brainstorming. I can't take credit that I've had the same vision from a year ago to now. It's always changing and evolving to be everything that I want and everything that is efficient. 

After working for other salons for years and owning my own for almost 4 years, I have personally seen what works in salons and what doesn't. And with that personal experience, I designed the layout of my salon all by myself (with advice from my darling husband). Every detail was carefully thought out. From where the bathrooms are located to how the stations line up, to how the retail displays will be placed to showcase our amazing products. 

One vital resource to us was the 3d/2d software program we used to design the space. I have probably gone on there and changed the layout a million times! But it allows me to visualize the space and even has an avatar to walk through so you can see every room in 3d! 

It has been a long road and I've had many sleepless nights staying up designing my salon. Every part has been so exciting and informational for me, especially since I'm not a designer! I learn every day more and more about salon design and also getting all my crazy ideas on paper! Now I'm looking forward to seeing it all come to reality. Stay tuned for more updates.