Wash & Rinse: The Foundation

Your wash and rinse (or shampoo and conditioner) can do more than just clean and condition your locks; they are the foundation with which you can create your desired look. Whether you want volume, a sleek blowout or to rock your natural curls, choose a wash and rinse that will help you get the look you want. But how do you know when to use what? Here, we break down some of our favorites by Kevin Murphy. 

Every time you wash: 

  • Balancing Wash: A pH balancing shampoo that is great for men, daily washers and anyone with scalp issues. 
  • Angel Wash and Rinse: Like all Kevin Murphy products, Angel wash and rinse are color and keratin-safe, but are perfect for all fine-haired beauties. 
  • Hydrate.Me Wash and Rinse: Whether your hair is over-processed, naturally dry or the southern summer has left your hair a little thirsty, this duo will add moisture and hydration and is light enough to use every time you wash. 

Once a Week or as needed: 

  • Maxi Wash: This gentle, detoxifying wash removes dirt and product buildup without stripping hair color or natural oils. 
  • Blonde Angel Wash and Treatment: Ideal for blonde, silver or white hair, these products help tone brassiness and maintain bright tones in between salon visits. 
  • Repair Wash and Rinse: A reconstructing combination made for hair in need of repair! Strengthen, nourish and smooth the surface of damaged hair. 

For special styling: 

  • Plumping Wash and Rinse: Kevin Murphy's thickening wash and rinse nourishes and strengthens for thicker, fuller hair. A great choice if you are opting for a voluminous blowout or need fullness for an up-do the next day. 
  • Luxury Wash and Rinse: Designed for curly hair, Luxury adds the right amount of moisture needed to revive curls without creating frizz or fly-aways. For the perfect natural texture, allow to air dry or diffuse. 

Consult with your MDS stylist to determine what products (or combination of products) is best for you and your lifestyle!