Exfoliating Your Strands

You've probably heard of the benefits of exfoliating your skin to remove dirt, makeup and other impurities that can dim your natural glow, but what about exfoliating your hair? Just like your skin, your hair can benefit in both health and appearance by adding an exfoliant to your weekly routine. 

Exfoliating: How and When.  Not all exfoliating shampoos are created equal. Use Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash to exfoliate with papaya, grapefruit and citrus extracts. This wash gently removes build up without the use of parabens and sulphates (which can be too astringent for the hair). Use Maxi once a week and follow with your favorite Kevin Murphy wash and rinse. For an extra deep clean, apply Maxi Wash then cover with a hot, wet towel and rinse after 10 minutes then follow with your wash and rinse. Unsure about exfoliating your hair at home? Ask your MDS stylist about adding this exfoliating treatment to your next in-salon service.

For a Healthy Scalp. Buildup from products and the environment can clog hair follicles preventing your hair from growing. By exfoliating once a week, you remove all the icky impurities from the scalp which will encourage healthy, normal hair growth. Massaging the scalp while you exfoliate will increase blood circulation which also helps with hair growth. 

For Healthy Hair. Exfoliating will remove product buildup from your strands that can dull your shine and weigh hair down. Buildup can also prevent ingredients from penetrating the cuticle. Kevin Murphy products are made with natural ingredients that can get past the cuticle of the hair and repair the hair from the inside. If you have buildup on your hair, your products are unable to penetrate and therefore will not work effectively.  



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