Curling Wand Tutorial

Curling wands are easy to use and can create a variety of looks with just a few tricks! For neat, perfect-looking curls wrap similar size sections of hair around the wand in the same direction. For a messy, beachy look, take varied size sections of hair and wrap those sections in alternating directions. 

Start with horizontal sections at the nape of you neck, keeping the rest of your mane pinned up and out of the way. For this tousled, long-lasting look, we used sections of hair that were all the same size and wrapped each section of hair in the same direction- away from the face. 


Hold each section on the wand for at least 5 seconds and lift the wand up and out to let the curl fall. This will help keep the shape of the curl. 

Continue making horizontal sections, moving from the nape of the neck up to the crown and around the hairline. Keeping in mind the direction you are wrapping the hair around the wand. After all your hair has been curled, let it "set" or cool in order to hold the curl. Spray with hairspray and then comb through with your fingers!


Perfectly easy curls!