Styling Natural Curls

Every curl and texture is as unique as the individual it crowns and there are a multitude of products and techniques out there designed especially for curls. Here are a few of our favorite products and the techniques that work best with them. 

MDS professional, Danielle shows off her natural curls and she achieves this look with a few simple steps: 

1. Wash, rinse and condition. Use fingers to rake through hair with conditioner and then rinse. 

2. Towel dry.  Scrunch with a clean, dry towel to remove majority of the moisture. 

3. Spray and scrunch. Add R&Co's Aircraft and scrunch more. Let air dry until 70% dry. Aircraft is a pomade mousse that shapes your curls and adds body with a touchable finish. 

4. Diffuse.  Using the diffuser attachment on your blowdryer, begin diffusing at the root and work your way to the ends until 95% dry (there should just be a slight dampness). 

5. Finish.  Finish with a light hairspray like R&Co's Outer Space and allow to air dry completely. 


MDS owner and stylist, Megan is obsessed with Kevin Murphy's Killer Curls. This anti-frizz cream defines your curls while hydrating. Follow Megan's regimen below for Killer Curls' best results. 

1. Killer Curls in the shower. Shampoo and condition with sulfate-free, hydrating products then thoroughly rinse. Squeeze excess moisture from hair and apply Killer Curls while still in the shower. 

2. Towel then air dry. Blot and scrunch with a dry towel then allow to air dry. 

3. Finish. Add R&Co's Glossing Wax for extra shine and dimension. 

Kate, another MDS pro, used R&Co's ONE Prep Spray to revive her 2nd day curls. ONE is a great primer for protecting your hair from all the things you do to it. ONE is also used to detangle, condition and revitalize. 

1. Apply ONE. Spray ONE generously throughout second day hair. 

2. Scrunch. Using your hands scrunch and shape your curls. And that's it!

Have you perfected your "natural hair" routine? We would love to hear what works best for YOUR curlycues.