KM Curl Products

"If you have curly hair, odds are you often ask yourself the million dollar question, 'What is the best product for me?'. As a natural curly haired girl, I love to use various products to embrace my curls and achieve different looks each time. Sometimes I want to encourage my curls so they are super bouncy and other times I want to relax them so they look smooth and sleek. With Kevin Murphy's products, I can get my curls to do just about anything!"




  • This product is a thicker consistency to really control and define curls so they can be extra curly.
  • Great for medium to coarse curls that need hydration and strength.


  • This product is great for blowouts to smooth hair and is amazing for curls to relax them if you don't want them very defined.
  • Leave-in treatment for silky, touchable hair you can run your fingers through without worrying of messing up your curls.


  • Changes curl pattern into waves when scrunched into the hair.
  • This product gives a soft natural texture, leaving your feeling like you just swam in ocean.


  • This product is weightless and gives extra shine with UV protection.
  • Enhances your natural curl leaving it frizz-free with a light flexible hold.
  • Personal favorite!