Oribe Atelier in Nashville

The whole MDS team took a road trip to Nashville to see an amazing hair show by Oribe's design team. We had a fantastic time learning about the latest trends that were just in New York and Paris Fashion weeks. 

 "Oribe Hair Care was founded by renowned editorial and celebrity hairstylist Oribe and beauty industry veterans Daniel Kaner and Tev Finger with the goal of creating a new kind of hair company, one that was designed with the most talented salon professionals and the most discriminating customers in mind."

Oribe products are for the hair obsessed. #oribeobsessed 

In the new salon we will be carrying this luxurious product line. We currently have some products we can play with at the salon until we move and are able to have the entire line. Come by the salon to talk to us about Oribe and what we learned in Nashville!



 Oribe's Design Team

Oribe's Design Team

 Classic finger wave style.

Classic finger wave style.

 Curly haircut.

Curly haircut.

KM Curl Products

"If you have curly hair, odds are you often ask yourself the million dollar question, 'What is the best product for me?'. As a natural curly haired girl, I love to use various products to embrace my curls and achieve different looks each time. Sometimes I want to encourage my curls so they are super bouncy and other times I want to relax them so they look smooth and sleek. With Kevin Murphy's products, I can get my curls to do just about anything!"




  • This product is a thicker consistency to really control and define curls so they can be extra curly.
  • Great for medium to coarse curls that need hydration and strength.


  • This product is great for blowouts to smooth hair and is amazing for curls to relax them if you don't want them very defined.
  • Leave-in treatment for silky, touchable hair you can run your fingers through without worrying of messing up your curls.


  • Changes curl pattern into waves when scrunched into the hair.
  • This product gives a soft natural texture, leaving your feeling like you just swam in ocean.


  • This product is weightless and gives extra shine with UV protection.
  • Enhances your natural curl leaving it frizz-free with a light flexible hold.
  • Personal favorite!


Why We Love KM and R+CO

If you know MDS owner, Megan, you know of her love of details and desire for perfection. Can you imagine the thought and care that went into choosing products to share with you? From the performance of the products to the ingredients and the packaging, Megan considered every detail. 

Kevin Murphy's "skincare for the hair" product line stole Megan's heart in 2012 and when she opened her salon in 2013, she knew one day these products would be part of her growing brand. It was in San Francisco on a spontaneous salon visit that Megan fell in love with R+Co and its eye-catching packaging. She immediately began researching the R+Co brand and by the time her flight landed in SC, Megan had decided R+Co would join Kevin Murphy and be the two main product lines at Megan Diez Salon. 

Why Kevin Murphy?  We believe this "skincare for the hair" system really works! The natural ingredients (and ingredients derived from natural ingredients) have smaller molecules than synthetic ingredients and therefore, can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to heal and hydrate from the inside. Vitamins, like A, D and E, and amino acids work to heal the surface of the hair and reduce split ends. Moisturizers from Mango and Murumuru butter smooth and soften hair while extracts from Bamboo and Orange Blossom provide the hair with weightless moisture. I could go on and on listing all the wonderful ingredients and their benefits, but I'll stop there because there are even more reasons why we love these products. 

Kevin Murphy is dedicated to healthy hair. Every single Kevin Murphy product is sulfate-free, paraben-free, color-safe and keratin-safe.

They care for your hair, but like us, they care about the environment and animals too! The company uses recyclable or biodegradable packaging whenever possible and the natural ingredients are from sustainable or renewable sources and are harvested without harm to the environment. One of our favorite things about Kevin Murphy is their love of animals and their commitment to being cruelty-free! 

Why R+Co?  The bold, captivating packaging intrigued Megan in San Fransisco, but it was after finding similarities between Kevin Murphy and R+Co that Megan decided to add R+Co to her product shelves. Like Kevin Murphy, R+Co is sulfate and paraben-free, color-safe and cruelty-free. R+Co also cares about the environment and has reduced the materials used in their packaging and most of the packaging is recyclable.

R+Co has a slew of stylists behind their products ensuring each product will deliver the absolute best performance for stylists and clients alike. They use unique ingredients to create treatment-oriented products to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Ingredients like keratin and a heat styling conditioning complex add shine and heat protectant, while coconut acid gently cleanses away build up. Neem oil and vegetable protein are used in R+Co products to strengthen hair from within the hair strand. 

With so many reasons to love our products, we are sure you will fall in love, too! Ask your favorite MDS professional for your hair prescription and get started on your new haircare regimen today. 


Wash & Rinse: The Foundation

Your wash and rinse (or shampoo and conditioner) can do more than just clean and condition your locks; they are the foundation with which you can create your desired look. Whether you want volume, a sleek blowout or to rock your natural curls, choose a wash and rinse that will help you get the look you want. But how do you know when to use what? Here, we break down some of our favorites by Kevin Murphy. 

Every time you wash: 

  • Balancing Wash: A pH balancing shampoo that is great for men, daily washers and anyone with scalp issues. 
  • Angel Wash and Rinse: Like all Kevin Murphy products, Angel wash and rinse are color and keratin-safe, but are perfect for all fine-haired beauties. 
  • Hydrate.Me Wash and Rinse: Whether your hair is over-processed, naturally dry or the southern summer has left your hair a little thirsty, this duo will add moisture and hydration and is light enough to use every time you wash. 

Once a Week or as needed: 

  • Maxi Wash: This gentle, detoxifying wash removes dirt and product buildup without stripping hair color or natural oils. 
  • Blonde Angel Wash and Treatment: Ideal for blonde, silver or white hair, these products help tone brassiness and maintain bright tones in between salon visits. 
  • Repair Wash and Rinse: A reconstructing combination made for hair in need of repair! Strengthen, nourish and smooth the surface of damaged hair. 

For special styling: 

  • Plumping Wash and Rinse: Kevin Murphy's thickening wash and rinse nourishes and strengthens for thicker, fuller hair. A great choice if you are opting for a voluminous blowout or need fullness for an up-do the next day. 
  • Luxury Wash and Rinse: Designed for curly hair, Luxury adds the right amount of moisture needed to revive curls without creating frizz or fly-aways. For the perfect natural texture, allow to air dry or diffuse. 

Consult with your MDS stylist to determine what products (or combination of products) is best for you and your lifestyle! 

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

Dry shampoo has become the one must-have in my arsenal of beauty products because it saves time and leaves hair looking and smelling great. Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste is a current favorite because it adds gritty texture like a paste and absorbs oil like a dry shampoo, but without ANY residue. This dry shampoo is perfect for bangs, short to medium lengths and piecey, layered cuts. 

To use: Rub a small amount of paste in fingers and apply to second or third day hair. For extra volume, apply to damp hair and blow dry to style. Carry with you at all times and reapply as often as you like. 

Exfoliating Your Strands

You've probably heard of the benefits of exfoliating your skin to remove dirt, makeup and other impurities that can dim your natural glow, but what about exfoliating your hair? Just like your skin, your hair can benefit in both health and appearance by adding an exfoliant to your weekly routine. 

Exfoliating: How and When.  Not all exfoliating shampoos are created equal. Use Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash to exfoliate with papaya, grapefruit and citrus extracts. This wash gently removes build up without the use of parabens and sulphates (which can be too astringent for the hair). Use Maxi once a week and follow with your favorite Kevin Murphy wash and rinse. For an extra deep clean, apply Maxi Wash then cover with a hot, wet towel and rinse after 10 minutes then follow with your wash and rinse. Unsure about exfoliating your hair at home? Ask your MDS stylist about adding this exfoliating treatment to your next in-salon service.

For a Healthy Scalp. Buildup from products and the environment can clog hair follicles preventing your hair from growing. By exfoliating once a week, you remove all the icky impurities from the scalp which will encourage healthy, normal hair growth. Massaging the scalp while you exfoliate will increase blood circulation which also helps with hair growth. 

For Healthy Hair. Exfoliating will remove product buildup from your strands that can dull your shine and weigh hair down. Buildup can also prevent ingredients from penetrating the cuticle. Kevin Murphy products are made with natural ingredients that can get past the cuticle of the hair and repair the hair from the inside. If you have buildup on your hair, your products are unable to penetrate and therefore will not work effectively.  



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The Lingo

Do you need highlights or lowlights? Would you like an ombré look? How about a lob instead of a bob? As we all know, it can be very difficult to communicate with someone if you do not speak their language. The world of hair is no different. There is a lingo used among stylists that many people don't understand. Being able to communicate effectively with your stylist will help you get the best possible experience every time. 

Highlights: Lightened strands of hair. The eye is drawn toward lighter pieces, use highlights to accent your best features. 

Babylights: Very fine, subtle highlights. 

Lowlights: Pieces of hair that are darkened with hair color. Lowlights can provide dimension and make highlights appear brighter. Here, at MDS, we often refer to lowlights as "ribbons"

Base: Color that is applied to the root of the hair. Often done to cover gray as the hair grows out from the scalp. 

Foils: A highlighting or lowlighting technique done with foils to separate the lightened or darkened strands.

Balayage: A technique used to strategically lighten hair by hand, without the use of foils (although hair may be separated by sheets of plastic). The end result? Natural looking highlights that are low maintenance. 

Ombré: This look gradually blends one color into another, often from darker roots to lighter ends and can be achieved with a variety of techniques or a combination of techniques.

Bob: A short haircut with the length being between jawline and shoulders often with the ends being blunt. The bob was popularized in the 1960s by Vidal Sassoon and continues to be a great choice for women wanting a sleek style.

Lob or "long  bob": A longer version of the traditional bob, often from shoulder-grazing lengths to below the collarbone. This trendy look is often angled and may have texturized ends. 

Blunt: A cut having no layers or varying lengths. Think all one length, straight across with a nice, sharp edge.

Texturize: To add wispiness and movement by de-bulking or removing thickness. Individual hair texture is often the deciding factor when a stylist considers whether or not to texturize. This can be done through a variety of techniques including: razoring, slide cutting, point-cutting or with texturizing shears. 

Face-framing layers: Hair around the face is cut at angle so as to frame the face. Face-framing can start at the chin or layers can be focused toward the bottom of the hair. 

Layered cut: This cut provides the look of both volume and length. Hair is arranged into layers with the top layers being cut shorter than the hair underneath. The shortest layers are found at the crown and it is these short layers that provide the look of volume. This cut is easy to style and can be done on a variety of hair types and textures. The photo below shows beautiful layers on very long hair. 


"A picture is worth ten thousand words." If you ever doubt the effectiveness of your communication, share a picture with your stylist to ensure that the two of you are speaking the same language. 


Good Hair and a Hot, Humid Summer

It can get hot and humid here in South Carolina and if you're not from here your hair (and you!) might just freak out a bit. Here is how we manage to have a good hair day no matter what the summer weather may be like!

Keratin Smoothing Treatment: The results of this in-salon treatment has changed lives during humid, southern months. This detailed service can reduce your frizz up to 90% and can last up to 6 months.

Detox your hair once a week to gently exfoliate and remove salt, chlorine, hair products, etc.

Condition your hair every time you shampoo to help keep hair silky during the hot summer. 

Use an oil to help hydrate thirsty ends and keep hair smooth, not frizzy. Kevin Murphy's Young Again is light enough for all hair types and nourishing enough for all textures! You can also use this oil on wet or dry hair. 

Embrace your texture. Use products that work with your texture, not against it. Humidity can create waves, kinks and curls that you smoothed out before venturing outdoors. Choose products that enhance and work with your natural texture, like Killer Curls or Rockaway Salt Spray, which can be concocted with Young Again. 

Perfect a "cooler" style. With the really hot weather, you will want to have at least one "up" style in your arsenal. A braid, bun or half up style are so trendy right now! Plus, these styles are super easy and will help keep you cool!





Hair Color: Going Lighter the Healthy Way

Your hair can be the best accessory you will ever have! Grow it, cut it, change the color, change the texture, switch up the style, etc. We love the opportunity to transform your hair while keeping the integrity and healthiness of your strands.  Going lighter can be a process, let us help you achieve your hair goals with limited damage to those locks.

 Over two separate appointments we were able to achieve the desired, lighter color by using a gentle, professional lightener and a hand-painted technique called balayage which creates natural-looking highlights. 

Over two separate appointments we were able to achieve the desired, lighter color by using a gentle, professional lightener and a hand-painted technique called balayage which creates natural-looking highlights. 

Consult a professional. Even if you don't see a hairstylist on a regular basis, going lighter is a job for the pros. Because every head of hair is unique, a professional can determine the products and time necessary to reach your personal goal of lighter, healthy hair. During a consultation, your stylist will discuss what you've been doing to your hair, what your goals are and the healthiest way to get you there. Depending on your current hair state and your desired goals, your professional may do a strand test to determine the best route to take. 

Schedule ahead. Going lighter can take several hours over several different appointments. Scheduling appointments ahead of time will ensure your stylist has the appropriate amount of time for the process. 

Treat your hair. Ask your stylist about adding a deep conditioning treatment to your color service. These treatments will penetrate deep into the hair strand to repair, moisturize and seal the cuticle, helping to lock in the color. Olaplex treatments are a great re-bonding agent to help make each strand of hair strong again and can easily be added to your service. 

Care for your hair at home. At-home haircare should consist of sulfate-free products including a blonde shampoo and conditioner as well as a conditioning treatment. Sulfates are an inexpensive cleaning agent found in a lot of products, but over time sulfates can weaken the hair strand, irritate the scalp and cause color to fade faster as well as strip your hair of its natural oils. Using a blonde-brightening shampoo and conditioner will help keep lighter strands bright and not brassy. A deep conditioner should be used weekly or bi-weekly to maintain silky, healthy hair. For the healthiest hair, invest in a heat protectant and limit your heat styling. 

Your hair goals are within reach! Schedule a consultation to begin your journey to transformation.  


Styling Natural Curls

Every curl and texture is as unique as the individual it crowns and there are a multitude of products and techniques out there designed especially for curls. Here are a few of our favorite products and the techniques that work best with them. 

MDS professional, Danielle shows off her natural curls and she achieves this look with a few simple steps: 

1. Wash, rinse and condition. Use fingers to rake through hair with conditioner and then rinse. 

2. Towel dry.  Scrunch with a clean, dry towel to remove majority of the moisture. 

3. Spray and scrunch. Add R&Co's Aircraft and scrunch more. Let air dry until 70% dry. Aircraft is a pomade mousse that shapes your curls and adds body with a touchable finish. 

4. Diffuse.  Using the diffuser attachment on your blowdryer, begin diffusing at the root and work your way to the ends until 95% dry (there should just be a slight dampness). 

5. Finish.  Finish with a light hairspray like R&Co's Outer Space and allow to air dry completely. 


MDS owner and stylist, Megan is obsessed with Kevin Murphy's Killer Curls. This anti-frizz cream defines your curls while hydrating. Follow Megan's regimen below for Killer Curls' best results. 

1. Killer Curls in the shower. Shampoo and condition with sulfate-free, hydrating products then thoroughly rinse. Squeeze excess moisture from hair and apply Killer Curls while still in the shower. 

2. Towel then air dry. Blot and scrunch with a dry towel then allow to air dry. 

3. Finish. Add R&Co's Glossing Wax for extra shine and dimension. 

Kate, another MDS pro, used R&Co's ONE Prep Spray to revive her 2nd day curls. ONE is a great primer for protecting your hair from all the things you do to it. ONE is also used to detangle, condition and revitalize. 

1. Apply ONE. Spray ONE generously throughout second day hair. 

2. Scrunch. Using your hands scrunch and shape your curls. And that's it!

Have you perfected your "natural hair" routine? We would love to hear what works best for YOUR curlycues. 







The Best Tips for Growing Out Your Pixie

Everyone needs a change once in a while. For pixie-loving gals, growing out your locks may seem like an awesome change, but a daunting task. After several failed attempts at growing out my pixie, I have finally succeeded and want to share with you the tricks that worked for me.

Set realistic goals. You can't have mermaid hair overnight. And depending on the rate your hair grows it could take 2 or 3 years for your pixie to be the length you are looking for, but don't get discouraged! 

Find the right stylist for you. When growing out your locks, it is imperative that you maintain a healthy relationship with your stylist. Find someone who consults with you honestly about your goals and can encourage you throughout the grow out process. Here at MDS, we provide complimentary consultations and bang/neck trims which can help transition your hair from short to long.

Schedule regular salon visits. Yes, you are trying to let your hair grow, but in order to have long AND healthy hair, you need to get regular trims. The average hair grows 1/2 an inch a month. If your trusted stylist trims 1/8-1/4 of an inch every 8 weeks, you will have gained at least 3/4 of an inch! Trims prevent dreaded split ends which can cause you to lose inches of growth if not taken care of. 

Care for your hair at home. Make sure you are doing your part to keep your hair at its healthiest as it grows. Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner and a heat-protectant. We offer a range of products, all of which are sulfate-free and paraben-free and full of good ingredients like Kakadu plum and Vitamin E that help add moisture and shine. If you are unsure what products are best for you, ask your favorite MDS professional. 

Don't get bored. Because this process can take several years, there is a possibility you will get bored. To prevent such boredom, consider cutting bangs or face-framing layers to give you a change while maintaining your overall length. Coloring your hair is an option too! With coloring your hair, keep in mind you are growing your hair out and the integrity of your hair is very important. A semi-color or a gloss will gradually fade out without damage to the hair. Switching your part, changing your style or adding accessories can help prevent boredom too.




Curling Wand Tutorial

Curling wands are easy to use and can create a variety of looks with just a few tricks! For neat, perfect-looking curls wrap similar size sections of hair around the wand in the same direction. For a messy, beachy look, take varied size sections of hair and wrap those sections in alternating directions. 

Start with horizontal sections at the nape of you neck, keeping the rest of your mane pinned up and out of the way. For this tousled, long-lasting look, we used sections of hair that were all the same size and wrapped each section of hair in the same direction- away from the face. 


Hold each section on the wand for at least 5 seconds and lift the wand up and out to let the curl fall. This will help keep the shape of the curl. 

Continue making horizontal sections, moving from the nape of the neck up to the crown and around the hairline. Keeping in mind the direction you are wrapping the hair around the wand. After all your hair has been curled, let it "set" or cool in order to hold the curl. Spray with hairspray and then comb through with your fingers!


Perfectly easy curls!

Keep it Bright!

We are having so much fun with blondes right now. Platinum, white-blonde and gray tones are popping up everywhere and we love the trends we are seeing! Whether subtle or dramatic, adding lighter strands can help brighten your locks and beat the winter blues.  

To keep your blonde tresses looking their best between salon visits, use R&Co's Sunset Shampoo and Conditioner or Kevin Murphy's Blonde Angel Wash and Treatment. The blue-purple base in these products help balance out brassiness common in blonde and gray hair. Ingredients, such as lavender and shea butter, help moisturize and repair locks while smoothing and adding shine. 

Brightening and maintaining your blonde can be as easy as

Lather, Rinse, Repeat! 

Create an Even Longer Ponytail

Don't you love the look of a LONG ponytail? There is just something sexy about a simple, high ponytail. You can make your ponytail look even longer with this simple, easy trick!


Separate your hair into 2 sections- one on top and one on bottom, as if you were pulling half of your hair up. Pull the bottom section into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic hair tie. 

Secure top section into a high ponytail to conceal the ponytail underneath it. Blend the top ponytail into the ponytail created by the bottom section and finish with hairspray. That's it!

Easy Ways to Combat "Dirty" Hair

We know everyone's time is valuable and unfortunately we never seem to have enough of it! Save yourself a few minutes in the morning with these easy "dirty hair day" tips! 

Create a foundation in which your fresh blowout can last for days (or even a week!) by choosing your products carefully. Starting with a good detox shampoo like Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash, will gently remove products and oil and create a very clean base. Finish your blowout with a shampoo, conditioner and styling products that will not weigh your hair down. 

Use Dry Shampoo

Spritzing a dry shampoo such as Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair can make oily locks look freshly washed and smell fantastic! Spray along hairline and your part, let sit for a few minutes, and if necessary blot with a clean, dry towel. Keep a travel size dry shampoo in your purse or car to ensure you'll always have fresh hair! Stop oil before it starts by spraying dry shampoo into your hair before bed! 

Change Your Style

Disguise oily areas by moving your part. Switch from a middle to a side part or from one side to the other. Pull your hair half up, into a ponytail or a bun. Adding a braid can add a contemporary, bohemian flair and hide any "dirty" hair troubles!


Add An Accessory

This can be the easiest fix! Putting on a hat, scarf, headband or bow can add to your ensemble and conceal any dirty hair woes! 


Ask your favorite MDS pro what products and tips would be best suited for your hair and your lifestyle. With a little knowledge and the right products, you'll have perfect "second day" hair!




Beautiful Through & Through

At MDS, we sincerely believe beauty is much more than skin deep. We believe that being beautiful and feeling confident come from many different facets. We want to nurture and encourage the many depths that create the unique and beautiful YOU! 

We hope you will visit us here in between your salon visits to find hair and beauty tricks, but we also want to encourage you to find positivity and confidence within yourself! 

Interested in a tutorial on a specific product or hairstyle? Let us know! We would love to help!